"At The End Of The Line" is just the beginning of understanding Kindertransport by Pamela Powell

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“Kindertransport” sounds like a European Disney ride, but it’s quite the opposite as we learn in the new short film, “At The End Of The Line.”  Filmmaker/Musician Robert Kerr and collaborators Jason Bradley and Anthony Cousins teamed up to tell the little known World War II story about  the sacrifices parents made to ensure their children’s safety.  Kerr explained in an interview during the Peace On Earth Film Festival held in Chicago this Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.53.47 AMweekend where his film  screened, that in late 1938 in England, the upper class residents were beginning to hear about what was happening in Germany.  These concerned citizens approached Prime Minister Chamberlain and requested to set up a foster program for German children to escape their imminent demise.  With volunteer coordinators in both England and Germany, children were placed on trains headed for England to their new homes, never to see their parents again.  In a 9 month period, 10,000 children were saved.  Kerr passionately states, “It’s a phenomenal story of sacrifice and love…”

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The band Vera Zero

The short film or music video as some might categorize it, is a soulful sound with lyrics that strike a chord deep within as you not only hear and watch this film, but you feel it as well.  Integrating found  photos and footage from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, clips from the band Vera Zero recording the song, as well as captions to describe the story, you are able to step back in time and begin to get a glimpse as to what occurred decades ago.  It’s a heartbreaking story that is inconceivable, but unfortunately, it’s a part of history. Kerr emphasized that our world today has been impacted by the “contributions made [by] those kids’ lives that were saved…”

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“At The End Of The Line” is a beautiful, compelling, and powerful story of love and sacrifice.  Kerr, Bradley, and Cousins, through months of research and dedication collaborated to show us a part of history that should not be forgotten. As Kerr stated, “I wanted to honor the people who made these sacrifices.”  Thanks to this talented group, these parents have not been forgotten, but are now honored with “At The End Of The Line.”

LISTEN HERE to the entire interview with Robert Kerr

To watch the film go to attheendofthelinefilm.comScreen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.54.56 AM





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