"BUDDYMOON" is a historically hilarious walk in the woods by Pamela Powell

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“Honey Buddies” premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival, winning the Audience Choice Award and is now under a new title, but it’s still the same hilarious comedy, “Buddymoon.”  This “bromance” adventure film stars David Giuntoli as David, a rising acting star that’s been jilted, and Flula Borg, the relentlessly up-beat and comically irritating best man.  Written by Alex Simmons and the two lead actors, “Buddymoon” takes you on an historically hysterical walk in the woods.


An Interview with the Filmmakers

As the “Save the Date” Wedding postcard is going through the shredder and David is chugging his rose wine from the bottle, sitting on the floor of an empty apartment with the exception of camping equipment, we know life has taken an unexpected turn.    Flula  has flown in from Germany for the wedding that has been canceled and the two decide to go on the week-long honeymoon trip together.  This trip isn’t going to be a honeymoon for either of them!

The film parallels the adventure and lives of Louis and Clark.  OK.  That might be pushing it, but the narration of the embellished diary of William Clark during significant events of Flula and David’s expedition give this comedy adventure story a fun and interesting flare.  What can go wrong does.  And what can’t go wrong also does.  From encountering a conspiracy theorist (Brian T. Finney) who just might have eaten a few too many mushrooms that weren’t shitake, to having to navigate using the stars just like David’s historical heroes, these buddies create not only a new path for themselves, but tell a story that is innovative and genuinely funny.

honey2David Guintoli (David) captures the heartbroken young man with ease, yet he makes you laugh at his terribly sad situation.  We can all relate to David and his feelings.  We then watch his patience wax and wane with his German buddy and understand his reactions and emotions as we root for him the entire time.

Flula is simply brilliant in his performance.  The perfectly timed and nuanced comedy, both physically and verbally, create the most unusual character that you want to love and throttle at the same time.  He’s literal in his understanding of the English language, and confuses concepts and words which takes you off guard momentarily, only to make you laugh even more loudly when his quirky style of reasoning finally hits you.

David and Flula are an odd couple that balance each other perfectly; a yin-yang of buddies.  Their conversations, pranks, and baring of their souls is like riding a roller coaster; so thrilling that it brings tears of joy to your eyes.  Placing these two talented actors in the most beautiful area of the Columbia River Gorge just makes this film even more enjoyable.  The beauty of Oregon is unmatched as the cinematographer captures the lush and breathtaking scenery.  The waterfalls and peacefulness of this area will inspire you to go on a “buddymoon” with your best friend…I know I am!

“Buddymoon” is an exceptionally funny and imaginative  film about love, friendship, and priorities.  This relatable and comedic film finds a way to harness each and every part of life.  With every step the David and Flula take, you’ll be craning your neck to look ahead, anticipating the next crazy and unexpected piece ofHoney1 life’s puzzle.  There’s only one thing missing:  The recipe for “Backpack Beer!”

4 Stars!



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