"Bugs" A Delicious Documentary by Pamela Powell

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Well, Jiminy Cricket!  I never thought I’d take a bite of food that could bite me back!  The new documentary “Bugs” by Andreas Johnsen, explores the burgeoning business of baking bugs.  Johnsen explains that with an exponentially growing population and the repercussions of climate change, humans are looking at getting back to their roots, or maybe inside their roots, to find alternative protein sources.  With thousands of types of edible insects, the menu has more variety than a Greek Diner for dinner.  The film explores the research and brains behind this subject and how it is expanding globally.  Traveling the world to see what insectual dietary delights await with Head Chef Ben Reade and Roberto Flore, and Lead Food Researcher Josh Evans from the Nordic Food Lab in Denmark, we get a taste for what our future may hold.




Worms: a snack with crunch

BUGS educates its viewers about the effects of global warming on our resources, namely protein coming from animals.  As our population grows, the ability to find sustainable protein sources decreases.  Capitalizing on the production and consumption of insects seems a rather off-putting topic, but in many cultures, this has been and continues to be a delicacy.  The film likens the concept to sushi in the United States just 20 years ago.  Now we can find it at a local 7-11 and grocery stores.  Creating delectable dishes is of utmost importance to the chefs at Nordic Food Lab because let’s face it, if it doesn’t taste good, no one will eat it.  Through creativity and a keen palate, these chefs have found a way to turn bee larvae and grasshoppers into not only palatable dishes, but extraordinarily tasty ones.

Filmmaker Andreas Johnsen’s vision brings the viewer all the necessary information to understand the need for insect consumption.  He also balances the film with questions to ponder, especially for vegetarians and environmentalists.  Beautifully filmed as these dedicated researchers travel the world, we learn about the benefits and the history of insect in our world.   It’s a thought-provoking film that just may have you thinking twice before you fish out that fruit fly in your glass of wine!


Filmmaker Andreas Johnsen, Pamela Powell, and Chef Roberto Flores


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