End of Day #1 at Sundance by Pamela Powell

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RHR is batting a zero today.  “Summer of Sangaile” and “Bronze” were both unimpressive.  The most impressive part of the evening was my petite filet and veggie skewer from Prime Steakhouse.  Now, THAT was absolutely spectacular!

Here’s the lowdown on the films:

SUMMER OF SANGAILE:  The film was simply beautiful.  But that is just on the superficial level.  Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the film was heavy on the artistic form and much too light on the story aspect.  It was a story of a young woman, questioning many aspects of who she was including her sexuality.  Meeting a much stronger, but similarly aged young woman, she found the strength to be who she was comfortable being.  Unfortunately, the story took so long to get from point A to point B, I lost interest and began just noticing the filming techniques.  Truly artistic, but that’s it.image

THE BRONZE:   When an injured Olympic athlete competed in 2004 and still managed to win the bronze medal, she returned home to forever live in that moment.    Hope Greggory was a snotty, disrespectful, overindulged adult acting like a child (with a VERY strong midwestern dialect).   It started out snarky and strong, but became sappy and repetitive.  There were some very funny parts which made me laugh out loud, but for the most part, it was mediocre at best.  Truly not even deserving of a bronze medal let alone an opening night movie at Sundance.


And there you have it.  Of the 4 movies and 1 short collection of films, I chose 2 that weren’t up to snuff.  Tomorrow, Friday holds “99 Homes,” “A Walk in the Woods,” “Umrika,” and “Ten Thousand Saints.”  My batting average HAS to go up!  And with no dinner reservation, I don’t even have a fall back on food!

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