"Love Thy Nature" Gives Us Hope by Pamela Powell

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Written and Directed by  Sylvie Rokab

Earth Day is April 22nd, a day to celebrate nature and the environment.  It’s quite evident that we really should be celebrating Earth Day every day.  Our environment is rapidly changing to the detriment of other species and to humans as well.   In our relatively short period of time on this planet, we have caused grave destruction.  Where do we go from here?  Is it all doom and gloom ahead for us?  “Love Thy Nature” addresses the use of “biomimicry” and our own personal connection with nature to help us move forward in healing the planet.

liam Climate change is real.  There’s no argument about that concept anymore, thankfully.  Documentaries addressing this topic typically leave you wanting to curl up in a fetal position, the information is so horrifically overwhelming.   “Love Thy Nature,” is different.  Narrated by Liam Neeson, this film gives us more than knowledge, it gives us hope.  And with hope, we may just give our children and grandchildren a better world.



“Love Thy Nature” is a stunning cinematic display of the beauty surrounding us.  Traveling  the world, diving into oceans, traipsing through forests, jungles, and open plains, this film reminds us of the wonders of nature.  While experts from NASA explain our evolutionary wall and leading scientists share their knowledge of DNA and the world’s 38 million year time line, they all give us one thing to do in order to possibly change the detrimental path of destruction:  reconnect with nature.  It’s just that simple.

The film reminds us of our interdependency love6with nature punctuating this with mind-boggling statistics.  There is also a refreshing coordination of philosophies between science and religion.  The two can be integrated as Duane Elgin, MA,

love5quotes the book of Genesis and man’s dominionship needing to evolve into stewardship to protect our environment.  We also hear from Dayna Baumeister, co-founder of The Biomimicry Institute, and Brian Swimme, author of “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” and “The Universe is a Green Dragon” allowing us to learn about cutting edge technology and insight into the history of our universe.

Our reconnection with our natural lovethy3surroundings is one way to increase our awareness of the importance of nature.  Thankfully, there are many organizations that have been taking the reigns in driving us along a better path, creating positive change.  One of those groups is TreePeople, founded by Andy Lipkis 40 years ago.  This organization continues to inspire volunteers in the L.A. area, planting more than 2 million trees.  There is hope.

Hope is vital and “Love Thy Nature” gives us a reviving dose of it.  Utilizing creative graphics, intelligent and interesting interviews with scientists that are relatable and understandable as well as coating our visual field with simply spectacular images of this one and only Earth, everything is put into perspective.

love7Reconnect with nature in “Love Thy Nature.”  All is not lost if we want to make a difference.  This is a unique documentary in that it gives us the hope we need to go out and make a difference.

“Love Thy Nature” will have its theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles and will also tour the country as a part of a special screening series.  Teaming up with The Sierra Club and other environmental organizations, “Love Thy Nature” will be available for special screenings as well.  For more information, go to www.lovethynature.com


To listen to the filmmaker, Sylvie Rokab go to www.archive.orgsylvie

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