"Parched" Quenches Thirst for Equality by Pamela Powell

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“Parched,” a film by Leena Yadav which premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, will be the focus of the upcoming Movie Section in Fete Lifestyle Magazine.  Here’s a little taste of what to expect from this month’s “Hero” issue:

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes.  And there are just as many definitions of a hero, but the common denominator is “courage.”  War heroes are first to come to mind followed by fire fighters and police officers who save and protect others.  But what about the “invisible heroes?”  The ones that touch your life and attempt to make things better for the next generation.  In many parts of the world, or even in our own backyard as “Parched” filmmaker Leena Yadav emphatically shared with me in our interview, women are viewed as a piece of property, a human that is not worthy of their own identity.  Yadav is one of those “invisible heroes” that dares to speak the truth and confront long-entrenched traditions that hurt not only women, but men as well, through the art of film.
To read the article in its entirety, go to FLM’s website
See “Parched” on DVD and VOD available August 9, 2016!
Actress Radhika Apte as LAJJO in PARCHED - Photo by Russell Carpenter, ASC - Courtesy of Wolfe Video

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