"Perfect Strangers" Are Closer Than You Think by Pamela Powell

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Tribeca Film Festival hosts both domestic and foreign films, giving a global outlook on the film industry.

Watch Paolo Genovese talk about his film here

Tonight, the Italian psychological thriller, “Perfect Strangers (Perfetti Sconosciuti)” premiered, posing life-altering decisions from one simple question:  “Would you openly share your cell phone?”


At a dinner party one evening, 3 couples and one single, all long-time friends, challenge one another to set their “little black boxes” on the dinner table, publicly answering and reading any information that arises.  The hesitancy  is obvious as the phones, one by one, are set upon the table.  The texts begin, the ring tones become identifiable, and you cringe as the brutal consequences of honesty take their toll.


“Perfect Strangers” is a compelling look at honesty and how technology has become a part of our lives.  Each of the couples are at different stages in their lives, creating various realistic scenarios with which the impact of their secret lives creates a heavy blow.  The total lunar eclipse artistically parallels the narrative arc of the story.

To think that this could be a harrowing and intense, yet at times comically humorous film, seems out of the question, but it is a very accurate description.  From the beginning,  the scenarios are well-crafted in order to create intrigue and suspense.  It’s a delightful mind-game that you can easily envision happening in your own circle of friends.  But just to make this outstanding film even better, the ending is one that there is no possible way to predict.  As the credits rolled, I wanted to clap…but this was a press screening so that just wouldn’t be acceptable.  So now I will applaud the superior intellect and storytelling abilities of the writers and directors of “Perfect Strangers.”


If you’re in NYC, be sure to check out this brilliant work of art and life.  For more information go to www.tribecafilm.com

Watch for the link to to interview with the filmmaker, Paolo Genovese!


Paolo Genovese at Tribeca Film Festival

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