Sundance Day 1 Highlights by Pamela Powell

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The Sundance Film Festival is well underway as opening night is officially over.  6 full-length feature films were shown and RHR has a capsule review for 3 of them.

POP AYE:  As a middle-aged man whose personal and professional life is waning, he stumbles upon an elephant in captivity who he recognizes as a childhood family pet.  He sets out on an adventure with Pop Aye to return him to his homeland.  It’s  a journey of self-discovery filled with humor and bumps in the road.  The unique individuals he encounters add such emotional beauty, driving the story forward.  This coming-of-age (middle-age, that is) film, gorgeously shot, depicts a certain human quality that we can all relate to.  Think about it as a grown-ups version of a boy and his dog…substitute “man” and “elephant” and you’ve got the concept.

AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL:  Former Vice President Al Gore gives us a follow up film to the original “An Inconvenient Truth,” made 10 years ago.  This newest film depicts the rapid progression of the detrimental effects of global warming and the path that we are on.  While most documentaries that tackle this topic are all doom and gloom, “An Inconvenient Sequel” is inspiring as we learn about the technological advances in renewable energy and how the entire world and its leaders are not only recognizing the problem, but addressing it.  Where the doom comes in is how the U.S. is failing in leading the world in helping to solve this global issue.  Mr. Gore takes us on his journey to Paris to the summit where it came down to the ingenuity of his problem solving skills and his ability to work together with others for a greater good.  To say he is passionate is not a strong enough word.  He is truly inspiring and if he can help convince the leader of India to reconsider, perhaps he can convince the U.S. nay-sayers as well.

THE LITTLE HOURS:  The cast including Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Allison Brie, Dave Franco, John C. Reilly, and Molly Shannon would make anyone go see this movie about three nuns placed in a situation of temptation.  Unfortunately, the plot never really got anywhere although there were plenty of laugh out loud moments.  Overall, a bit of a disappointment.

Stay tuned for Day 2!




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