THE BLACK MARKET TRUST Finds a new spin on classic oldies

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Music reviews aren’t typically a part of Reel Honest Reviews’ coverage, but when I get a CD on my desk, pop it in to listen, and find myself hitting the “replay” button over and over again, I  need to write about it and share my new discovery.  The Black Market Trust is an American pop/jazz band comprised of 5 musicians, lead by Jeffrey Scott Radaich, songwriter and jazz guitarist.  Chris Irwin (vocals, rhythm guitar), Brian Netzley (vocals, upright bass), Nick Coventry (vocals, violin) and Brandon Laws (drums, percussion) round out this well-balanced and fine-tuned quintet.  Their first album was released in 2012, giving listeners a taste of “gypsy jazz.”  Now, their sophomore CD, “Just One of Those Things,” transports us back in time to the 30’s and 40’s while we get a glimpse into the influence of music from around the world.

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You’ll find yourself romanticizing about slow-dancing as you hear the soothing song “That’s All” first recorded by Nat King Cole, and snapping your fingers as you listen to “Dream of You.”  Each and every song is a familiar one, borrowing from some to the greatest songwriters from decades past, but all of them becoming something just a little different, allobmt2wing you to enjoy them in a new way.

The songs incorporate rhythms and syncopated beats such as the sounds you might find in Jamaica in “Please Stay,” or the percussion from a Hawaiian luau in “Paper Moon” first popularized by the great Ella Fitzgerald.  Combining these unique elements create a symphony of sound that you can’t resist.  The lead vocals for each song are reassuringly familiar and rich allowing your imagination to take you away, walking arm in arm with your love.  The use of strings, violins and guitars, percussion, and their harmonious voices all blend together to transport you into their musical getaway.

Listen Here to “It’s Only A Paper Moon”

The Black Market Trust is spinning old songs in new ways, reviving not only these classic harmonious treasures, but reminding us of the style and sophistication of music that’ll make you want to sing and dance right along with them.

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