Waterfront Is a Wrap by Pamela Powell

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The Waterfront Film Festival, in its 16th year, has come to a close and what a year it has been.  From  informative and astounding documentaries to gruesome (but entertaining) shorts to imaginative and powerful feature films, Waterfront has set the bar at an all-time high.  Screening over 10 films in 3 days  and not being disappointed in one, is a reviewer’s dream.  Yes, dreams do come true at Waterfront.

What films should you be watching for over the next year to be released?  I have the list for you.  But please know that this list will grow as I did not get a chance to see everything I wanted to see—a person has to eat, sleep, and walk her puppy after all.  Reel Honest Reviews’ highlights (so far) include:  CHU & BLOSSOM, CAS & DYLAN, WILD CANARIES, JAKE SQUARED, FINDING NEIGHBORS, KIDNAPPED FOR CHRIST, I PUT A HIT ON YOU, COPENHAGEN, LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN, KING OF HERRINGS, FATHER-LIKE SON, COFFEE KILL BOSS, ARLO AND JULIE, and BFFs.

But wait!  There’s more in the form of short films!  Remember, one of the wonderful aspects of the Waterfront Film Festival is that they show a short film prior to each feature film to set the mode or tone for you.  Here are the favorites in that category:  I DO, HEART TO HEART,  PINK BALLOONS, UPSTAIRS, LANDSCRAPERS ‘THE GUYS GET BLINDSIDED’,  DAVID SEDARIS’ THE LEARNING CURVE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  and ONE PLEASE.

When these wonderful films are released, I will be sure to direct you as to how you can access them.  And if you missed the Waterfront Film Festival this year, put it on your calendar now for next year.  Just to entice you, I’ve included some photos of what you missed!

image image image image image imageUntil next year, the Waterfront Film Festival is a Wrap!


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