"Where to Invade Next" Hilarious and Eye-Opening Doc by Pamela Powell

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Michael Moore takes a humorous yet serious look at the problems facing the United States such as education, criminal incarceration and reform, and healthcare, by “invading” countries he can “mostly pronounce” and then “stealing” their secrets to bring back with him.  From Italy to France and countries so small you’ve probably never heard of them, Moore talks with leaders and everyday folk to glean information.  What he finds will shock you…and make you laugh…and maybe even give you hope.

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True to Moore’s documentary style, he is the focal point in uncovering information with humor and truth.  Setting up the pretense that he has been “hired” by the Department of Defense to invade countries, Moore and his crew set first set foot upon Italy to find out why they are so darn happy here.  It turns out that they get paid well, get lots of time off, and have a couple hours for lunch to truly enjoy and savor not just their food, but their family time.  With greater productivity in the work environment and less illness, perhaps this is a secret worth sharing!

The subsequent stops reveal other enlightening ideas that shed light upon how to create an equal pay structure for women, set up proper nutrition in schools, and treating others with dignity no matter their crimes.  Our country is floundering in many of these areas and more, but surprisingly, all these recipes for success, as Moore discovers, were first instituted in the USA!  The other countries borrowed (or perhaps stole) our “secrets,” but were able to better implement those.

“Where to Invade Next” is a tongue and cheek documentary that succinctly targets the woes of today’s society in the US.  Through humor and intellect, Moore conveys to his viewers that we have the answers, let’s remember the question so that we can address it appropriately.


4 Stars


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