"Women He's Undressed" Is Pure Style and Courage by Pamela Powell

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We all longingly recall the 1940’s glamorous style of actresses such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe, but it didn’t come naturally.  Orry-Kelly, the legendary Hollywood costume designer, was the key to these women’s attitude and success on the screen.  High profile actresses such as Bette Davis and Ingrid Bergman demanded only Orry-Kelly to make them stunning—and he did.  The documentary “Women He’s Undressed” is Gillian Armstrong’s creative and colorful story about this daringly avant garde designer and his personal Hollywood journey.


We learn of Orry-Kelly’s youth, his upbringing, and his courage to live his life for who he was—a gay man.  The story vibrantly unfolds with narration from Kelly’s journal, interviews with Hollywood stars, and reenactments of memorable moments in this daring designer’s life.  The details are at time delicious and at others, simply heartbreaking.  It’s a look behind the Hollywood curtain, painting a clear picture of what really happened behind closed doors.

The film is a creative collaboration of documentary style filmmaking and acting which allows the viewer to gain a fulfilling insight into the mind and making of this legendary designer.  Cut from a different cloth, Orry-Kelly was a visionary, ahead of his time, who made Hollywood icons successful on the screen.  Who would have thought that Bette Davis’ body wasn’t perfect?  Orry-Kelly performed his magic and made us think just that.  His outspoken soul paid a price in Hollywood, and “Women He’s Undressed” captures the good, the bad, and the not so pretty of life in that era.

“Women He’s Undressed” is an eye-opening look inside the most memorable era in Hollywood.  With vivid storytelling techniques, the film will capture your attention and push you to rethink the films of yesteryear.

Available on DVD and VOD August 9, 2016.  Go here for more information.

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