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Whether or not you were around in the 1960’s and watched Julia Child’s infamous television show, know the SNL skit, or have one of her cook books as a staple in your kitchen, the name Julia Child is synonymous with gourmet home cooked meals. Academy Award nominated documentary filmmakers Betsy West and Julie Cohen who gave us the engaging film “RBG” in 2019, bring us the new film “Julia.” Taking us on a long and luscious journey of her life and career, Cohen and West bring her back to life and into our kitchens.

The filmmakers bring us back in time to the early 1900’s when Child was exactly that, a child. We explore her family life, her education and her circuitous route in becoming the kitchen icon that her name remains today. Using old photos, clippings, and hilarious clips from talk shows and her own show, we get a very clear picture of who she was and what she did to pave the way for women in show business and business in general. Her zest for life is seen, felt and heard as she added that spice to her dishes as well.

Along this journey, we feel as if we sample the culinary delights she creates, learn a few more tips from one of the most ingenious and engaging chefs our modern world has known, and have a fire lit to get back into the kitchen and really cook. The dishes are Julia’s— her creations, her inspirations, and her personality. And with that personality, we are entertained, delighted, and completely sated.

We learn of her rise to fame, the love of her life, and those who waxed and waned in her life, professionally and personally. And Child, undeterred and undaunted by the logistics of live television, is never flummoxed by it, but we the viewer sit in awe and laughter.

Cohen and West are masterful storytellers bringing us into the life of yet another innovative and bold woman who influenced us. “Julia” reminds us of what it takes to succeed — the sacrifices, determination, and the love — but perhaps even more than her success, she paved the road for all who came after in the cooking media world and women in the workplace.

“Julia” is simply delightful as it satisfies all of our senses although it left me feeling hunger pangs!

3 1/2 Stars



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