"I Am Bolt" Strikes the world by Pamela Powell

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The world has been struck by lightning…his name is Usain Bolt.  Jamaican-born sprinter Usain Bolt is considered the fastest human ever timed.  He earned 9 gold medals and holds world records in the 100 M and 200 M events as well as the 4 x 100 relay.  No one has ever held these records simultaneously.  I Am Bolt” uncovers how this great athlete accomplished what no other sprinter will most likely ever do again.


“I Am Bolt” takes us on a journey behind the scenes of training, competing, and living the life of the  world’s greatest athlete and sprinter.  If you thought you knew this man, think again.  “I Am Bolt” brings us to a greater understanding of who he really is and what makes him tick.  It’s a positively inspiring message for not just young athletes, but for everyone.

The documentary creates an unusual blend of filming as we hear from those closest to Bolt;  his best friend and manager, his coach, his teammates, and his parents.  We get a glimpse into his past through photos, footage, and interviews.  Bolt, from humble beginnings or as Ziggy Marley describes him, “…poor in terms of economics, but was rich with talents, with life, rich with substance…” finds dedication and perseverance to be the tools to continually reach his goals.   Thrusting forward, we are brought back to all the major competitions in Bolt’s life as well as his injuries that seemed to plague him throughout his career.  Bolt’s final performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics had everyone on edge as this would be his last appearance at an Olympic games.  “Bolt openly talks about his thoughts and feelings from the age of 15, his first win and one of the most meaningful in his life, to thdsc_2887e 2016 Olympics and what still motivates him.

Bolt films a portion of this documentary himself.  With his traveling schedule and training, he talks to the camera, much the way you or I would write in a journal.  He expresses his frustrations with his injuries, but has faith in his coach and trainers to help him recover.  His competitive nature and work ethic are his driving forces for recovery and ultimately, winning.  As Bolt discusses his deepest insecurities and bold statements of confidence (rightfully so!), we can identify with this remarkable athlete.  Maybe we can’t run even a fraction as fast as he can, but deep down, he struggles with his goals and how to obtain them.  Focus, respect for his competitors as well as those around him keeps him positive.

Knowing the history of Usain Bolt and his legendary wins around the world, accomplishing what most of us will probably never see again, three Olympics with a total of nine gold medals, the film brings you back to these races to discover and feel the excitement as if we are right there on the track.  Serena Williams says it best, “You’re rooting fdsc_3597-2or you country and then you see Bolt and you’re like I’m rooting for  Bolt.”  Bolt intrinsically instills a sense of pride in what he stands for.  He is the model of honor within the sports arena.  Everyone around the world admires and is positively impacted by this great athlete.  He has accomplished even more than 9 gold medals…he has given the world a bond.

“I Am Bolt” is not just a glimpse inside Usain Bolt’s life, but also a chance to get to know, understand, and relate to this extraordinary man and what it took to get to this point in his remarkable life.  “I Am Bolt” is inspiring, uplifting, and motivational.  Usain Bolt has struck the world and that iconic stance will forever be forged in our hearts and our minds.



If you’re in Chicago, you can see this film on Monday, November 28 at the  Landmark  Century Centre Cinema.  For a full listing of locations, go to www.iamboltfilm.com

“I Am Bolt” is available on VOD and DVD on December 6, 2016.







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