“The Greatest Hits”

April 8th, 2024 Posted by Review 0 thoughts on ““The Greatest Hits””

A love story centering on the connection between music and memory and how they transport us, sometimes literally.

We all have had the experience of hearing a song and having it transport us back to a certain time of our lives. Harriet, portrayed by Lucy Boynton, finds music to take her back to a time before Max (David Corenswet), the love of her life, died. Laden with guilt about the accident that took him away and left her with the residual effects from a traumatic brain injury, Harriet is triggered by music which she feels takes her back in time, attempting to alter her current future life. Searching for the one song that she thinks can do exactly that, she barricades herself into her apartment which looks like it’s decorated by a serial killer. Bestie Morris (Austin Crute) is the only one left in her life who stands by her side while she continues to mourn. But when she meets David (Justin H. Min) at her grief meeting lead by Dr. Bartlett (Retta), perhaps her future can begin.

This is a classic love story, but with the twist of the possibility of time travel and the price that would be paid by changing what’s happened. For most of the film, we question this aspect; is Harriet simply imagining being back in happier times with Max or is she actually there? It’s a question that isn’t answered until the end which keeps us waiting with bated breath. As is indicated in the title of the film, music is at the core of the story on multiple levels and what a compilation of songs this movie has! These songs will also transport YOU as you hear them.

With any love story, the chemistry between our stars is key and Boynton has it with both her male stars. With any recollection of a long-lost love, the sweetness is captured in our memories and that’s what we see as Harriet travels back to relive her moments with Max. It’s the small moments that she cherishes and each song she hears brings her back to those times…sitting on the back patio relaxing, walking the dog, going to concerts. And then the tragic day infiltrates her mind and Harriet loses her control and relives one of the worst days of her life. We believe she loves and loved Max and that enables us to connect with her and her situation.

As Harriet meets her new love, we have hope for her to move forward, but that alter-life keeps knocking on the door. We see the spark of love between the two of them and want them to succeed. It is this chemistry that makes this love story work.

“The Greatest Hits” finds just the right notes to create a compelling story filled with love, life, memories and music.

Check this out on Hulu April 12.

3 Stars


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