An Interview with David Oyelowo from A UNITED KINGDOM

February 18th, 2017 Posted by Interviews 0 thoughts on “An Interview with David Oyelowo from A UNITED KINGDOM”


a-united-kingdomDavid Oyelowo stars in another biographic drama, this time taking place in Great Britain, post-World War II as he deftly portrays Prince Seretse Kahma.  Completing his education in England, the Prince  is about to return to his homeland of Botswana and take the thrown to govern his people.  He meets and falls in love with Ruth Williams, a white woman from a working-class family.  The two cannot bear to be apart and defy the current day’s rules and marry.  The fall-out is much more than they bargained for and their love is used as a political pawn.  It’s a love story at its core, but the social and political heart of this film is simply gripping.

Oyelowo was recently in Chicago and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with this talented and insightful actor.  Listen to thDavid-Oyelowoe entire interview  here


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