"Filling In" Gives temp work a new look

April 27th, 2017 Posted by Review 0 thoughts on “"Filling In" Gives temp work a new look”


Brad Hawkins’ directorial debut of “Roller Coaster” with daughter Sarah as the lead actress, earned them both numerous awards.  Hawkins continues to direct and gives us this new short film “Filling In” with Sarah Hawkins as producer.  This creative duo introduces us to a potential series with a temp agency placing out of work employees in various positions.  The job is no ordinary job as we see Kevin (Jared Odrick) attempting to perform his duties as the local Tooth Fairy.  While following in his mother’s footsteps, Kevin finds that perhaps those shoes are a little too big to fill.  It’s a uniquely funny concept that leaves you wanting more.


We meet Kevin, a heavy-drinking, down on his luck kind of guy in a bar.  As a suspicious character approaches him, there’s a deal that is made.  It sounds sinister, but we quickly learn it’s anything but that.  The mood immediately changes to comedic as Kevin rides a scooter with a tutu—his version of Tooth Fairy apparel. Kevin attempts and fails to complete his job, bungling one hilarious task after another.   He’s a burly, sweet teddy bear who appears to not quite grasp concepts readily, but his big, brown eyes seem sad and lost and immediately you adore him.  His boss, Mike (Karl Holtz),  a rough and tough motorcycle riding kind of guy, is confounded by Kevin’s inability to perform his tasks.  Mike, attempting to have patience, looks like a covered pot about to boil as he explains the protocol and the huge money-making concProductionStill_FI_10ept behind this tooth collection industry.

Where this film shines is in its unique concept and creativity to drive the story forward.  The explanation of how tooth fairies make money is simply ingenious as we are taken around the world to see how these little calcified gems are used—the compound of volastibilase is something that could be out of a GProductionStill_FI_2rimm’s Fairy Tale.  Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on the Tooth Fairy!

Odrick’s portrayal of “Kevin” is endearing.  His sheer size makes him a comedic embodiment of the Tooth Fairy.  Odrick finds his pace in this film as he delivers his humorous lines with skill and timing.  His facial expressions and subtle use of body language to convey his thoughts and emotions are key in this role.  Who would have thought that the role of the Tooth Fairy could be so interesting!

Music is yet another component that adds depth to this light-hearted romp through the fairy world.  Suspense and whimsey are punctuated with the perfect musical selection layered beneath the film.  Hawkins has created yet another charming and engaging story filled with magical mystery.

“Filling In” is an inventive and imaginative film plunging us into the world of make-believe as it takes us on a fun-filled ride.  You’ll never think about the Tooth Fairy or any other mystical creature the same again.




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