INDISTRY The New Digital Wave of the Future

July 11th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “INDISTRY The New Digital Wave of the Future”

If you think there’s no true innovative advances left in the world to make, then you haven’t been introduced to INDISTRY MEDIA and its co-founders Erroll Angara and Mary Landaverde.  I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to these energetic and driven sisters and it is now my pleasure to introduce them to you.  

In October, 2017, Landaverde and Angara began to pave a new road in the world of technology and consumerism that just might be the next global marketplace.  This new frontier, as CEO Landaverde described to me during one of the company’s recent events partnering with Virgin Hotel in Chicago, is an amalgam of Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon where the consumer interacts with their platform.  Landaverde said,  “[INDISTRY] was about how we get people engaged with the content.  How do we make them not a passive viewer, but an active one.”

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