KILLING GROUND creates old-fashioned tension in the horror genre By Pamela Powell

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“Killing Ground” is the first feature film from the Australian filmmaker Damien Power.  As a sweet, young, and in-love couple decides to get-away for the weekend to camp in the wild, they notice a tent not far from their area.  After quite some time, the inhabitants are nowhere to be seen.  Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows) begin to investigate, but after finding a toddler wandering nearby, their greatest fears don’t begin to compare to the horror that lies ahead.

This is not your classic horror film.  It’s clever and unpredictable using perfect timing of situations and clues to lead you on this “treasure hunt.”  Immediately, you have a sense of dread which is contrary to the sweetness that exudes from this couple.  The intensity is off the charts, but it is the thought-provoking puzzle that makes this a wonderfully creative spin on the classic horror in the woods.

Power sets up all the right situations, pulling you into the story and making you jump and scream out loud as he catches you off guard. Balancing deeply disturbing situations with smart writing that makes you think is a work of art.

If you loved “Don’t Breathe,” you’re going to love this intense psychological thriller that will cut you to your core.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Damien Power, Maya Stange, and Aaron Glenane to talk about the terrifying premise, the unusual storytelling technique, and what it was like to play these disturbing characters.




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