Q&A with AARP Studios Vice President Jeffrey Eagle

November 24th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Q&A with AARP Studios Vice President Jeffrey Eagle”

“Care to Laugh” is the first feature-length documentary film to come out of AARP Studios. While the studio has been in existence for the last decade, bringing topical information to 50-plus year olds, the creation of feature films for theatrical release is a relatively new endeavor.

Comedian Jesus Trejo stars in “Care to Laugh,” a documentary about the balancing act of caring for his aging parents and perfecting his craft as a comic. As the film travels to various festivals around the country, collecting awards and praise by all who see it, it’s obvious that the topic of caring for our loved ones as they age resonates with everyone, no matter their age.

I recently sat down with director Julie Getz, star and comedian Jesus Trejo, and vice president and executive producer of AARP Studios, Jeffrey Eagle, to discuss the film, now a part of NYC DOC. What I learned about the film, the studios and their endeavors was quite surprising and just might give you a new outlook on one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the U.S.

Go to THE DAILY JOURNAL to read the interview in its entirety.


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