"Take My Nose…Please" A humorously honest look at cosmetic surgery

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There’s nothing funny about going under the knife…or is there?  Joan Kron, filmmaker and contributing editor at large of Allure magazine takes a very candid look at cosmetic surgery as she follows two comedians, Emily Askin and Jackie Hoffman, contemplating a little facial tweaking.


We meet Askin who just isn’t happy with what God has given her—a bump in her nose.  While those around her don’t see the need for undergoing surgery to change this, she feels hindered by it.  Hoffman, on the other hand, describes herself as ugly.  It’s actually heartbreaking to hear her so bluntly describe herself as “the ugly girl with the highlights,”  or a John Goodman lookalike as a toddler on the beach.


The film introduces us to these two women, allowing us to truly get to know them as the reveal their past, their raw feelings, and their hopes.  We also learn about the history of society’s expectations and how this has impacted women in the workplace since the 1920‘s.  Women in the entertainment industry have an even greater difficulty if they don’t fit into the stereotypical definition of beauty, but who better to explain these issues than comedians?  Interestingly, female comedians much more readily talk about their “work” whereas other public figures want to cover that up, just like their wrinkles and smile lines.


“Take My Nose…Please” incorporates interviews with surgeons, authors, historians, and other comics to paint a very clear picture of these oftentimes intangible and unattainable goals we place on ourselves.  While the film is truly funny, it is also enlightening as we learn and admit to ourselves how superficial our society is and apparently always has been.  From past interviews with Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers to clips from ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Inside Amy Shumer,’ we can laugh about what we do and how we perceive others, but as Askin and Hoffman point out, it’s how we feel about ourselves and its effects on our overall confidence.  Askin simply says, “You might as well liknosee looking in the mirror.”


The journey of Askin and Hoffman continues as we walk with them through their decision of having a nose job or face lift.  We get to be there with them before and after surgery, watching the big reveal, and hearing their response.  It’s a personal journey that opens our eyes a little wider to truly see the societal and internal pressures of women.


“Take My Nose…Please” is a brilliantly witty and informative documentary that expertly blends humor and honesty about beauty and plastic surgery.  The film has its world premiere at the 2017 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival on March 17 at 7 pm at the Mission Theatre.  Director Joan Kron and special guests will be present.



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