"The Age of Consequences" A part of the One Earth Film Festival March 4-5, Chicago

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The One Earth Film Festival, now in its 6th year, celebrates filmmaking that increases knowledge and awareness of environmental issues.  Screening 30 thought-provoking and educational  films with several filmmakers in attendance will be shown throughout the Chicagoland area.  From climate change films (“The Age of Consequences”) to films addressing the toxicity of the electronics industry, this festival will challenge your current knowledge and perhaps even change how you see the world and live. For a complete listing of films and events, go to ONE EARTH FILM FESTIVAL


“The Age of Consequences” by Jared P. Scott will screen FOR FREE on March 4 and 5 as it takes an in-depth look at how climate change has a direct impact upon our world’s current politics and terrorism.  As our world warms, our polar ice caps melt and areas experience more drastic weather conditions creating a scarcity of resources.  Climate change is considered a “threat multiplier” as we see an increase in poverty, social instability, and wars.

Scott dissects the issues at hand  from a military perspective.  Interviews with high ranking retired military personnel create a vivid yet disturbing picture of what our generation has created, or more aptly put, destroyed.  Can we recover before the tipping point or is it too late?

Scott creatively intertwines the interviews with footage of disasters and wars around the world to give us all of the information to draw what now feels like obvious conclusions.  Seeing the devastating effects of climate change and how it impacts world peace is an issue never before addressed in a documentary.  Syria and Somalia are two countries that Scott highlights as we see an exponential increase in “climate change refugees.”  He also poses the question of how our military will be impacted, the cost in lives and money, and if the U.S. has the ability to continue to be a world leader.

Looking to our future, the film paints a very dismal and disturbing picture, but it’s not without hope.  Thanks to our retired military personnel and volunteers, there is technology and resources that can and will have a positive effect upon climate change.  Education is first and foremost and it is up to you to write the ending of this saga.

Producer Sophie Robinson will be at both screenings to discuss the film with the audience.  For FREE tickets to the March 4, 3pm screening at the Institute of Cultural Affairs, 4750 N.Sheridan Rd, Chicago, go to www.oneearthfilmfest.org.  On Sunday, March 5 the film will also screen for FREE at the Old St. Patrick’s Church, Hughes Hall, 700 W. Adams St., Chicago  FREE TICKETS HERE

Before the inauguration, I had the opportunity to talk with Scott about making this film.  Scott talks about the upcoming Trump adJaredPScott-300x300ministration and where we are headed.  While it clearly paints a rather gloomy picture, Scott gives us his wisdom and with that wisdom, there is hope.  The link to the interview is now available to stream.


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