THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES: An interview with filmmaker Jared P. Scott by Pamela Powell

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Climate change is much more of a threat to our lives than we may have initially understood.  “The Age of Consequences” by filmmaker Jared P. Scott, directly addresses how climate change is “an accelerant of instability or conflict.”  Using footage of conflict in areas such as Syria, graphic art, and interviews with high level military personnel creates a very clear picture of what climate change means in terms of world peace.  The film succinctly deconstructs how our environment with ever-increasingly more harsh conditions create climate change refugees and social instability and famine to name just a couple. These  situations promote or allow organizations such as ISIS to take advantage and increase in strength.  What will our military do?  How is the U.S. going to act or react?  Will we continue to be a world leader?  These are all questions that this film delves into deeply, allowing you to learn and to probe further into your current knowledge base.

Before the inauguration, I had the opportunity to talk with Scott about making this film.  Scott talks about the upcoming Trump administration and where we are headed.  While it clearly paints a rather gloomy picture, Scott gives us his wisdom and with that wisdom, there is hope.  The link to the interview is available to stream now.


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