"Timecode" Gets stamp of approval by Pamela Powell

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Luna (Lali Ayguade) and Diego (Nicolas Ricchini) are security guards in a parking garage.  The two pass each other as their shifts change and take over the surveillance cameras until one day, Luna must backtrack and view a specific time coded recording.  What she sees will change her perception and interaction with Diego forever.


“Timecode” is an unexpectedly delightful film filled with charm and grace.  While little is spoken aloud, so much is actually heard.  The two guards lead a rather dull, solitary, and seemingly uninteresting life until their paths quite literally cross.  The delicate balance in communication using timecode stamping allows the two to have sometTimecode_Still_01_Main-framehing to look forward to, a more complete work life and perhaps even more.

Juanjo Gimenez and Pere Altimira co-wrote this gorgeously shot film creating a sweet and lovely story taking us from loneliness to companionship in the most unusual way.  Initially, the antics of Diego make you chuckle, but then when Luna is drawn in, we see beauty absolute beauty.  Granted, this is one of the shiniest and cleanest parking garages I have ever seen, but the glistening floors coordinate with the spectacular dancing and reciprocal emotional compatibility.  Needless to say, the music, composed by Ivan Cester, perfectly augments each and eveTimecode_Still_04_hiry scene to fill the air with unspoken words with each note that is struck.  It is a complete work of auditory, visual, and emotional artistry.

It is no wonder that “Timecode” is the winner of more than 50 prizes including the Festival de Cannes (France) and the Whistler Film Festival.  In just 15 minutes, we readily identify with the emotional status of each of the main actors and then are not only intrigued by their interactions, but truly care about what happens to them at the end.  It is a complete joy to watch and feel this story unfold.  And in this 15 minute time-period, the end will make you laugh out loud.

Creating such a beautifully rich story in just 15 minutes is extraordinary.  Many full-length feature films struggle with doing so in 86 minutes, but “Timecode” successfully engages and entertains you.  Make time to see this sweet and gracefully beautiful film.




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