COLD PURSUIT, Dark Humor in Familiar Scenario for Neeson

February 8th, 2019 Posted by Review 0 thoughts on “COLD PURSUIT, Dark Humor in Familiar Scenario for Neeson”

“Cold Pursuit,” starring Liam Neeson, takes revenge to a new level in this chilling thriller. Nels (Neeson), a snowplow driver located in a remote ski village area in Colorado, discovers his son, Kyle (Micheal Richardson) has died in an apparent overdose.

Finding his death was no accident, Nels seeks revenge upon all who were responsible, leading him to a deadly and powerful henchman.

First, this film is completely ridiculous in its premise and execution, pun intended. However, unlike so many films in this genre, there’s an element of humor in it. Be warned, it’s a very dark humor, but humor nonetheless.
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