“June Falling Down” A standout first feature film from Rebecca Weaver

July 18th, 2018 Posted by Review 0 thoughts on ““June Falling Down” A standout first feature film from Rebecca Weaver”

“June Falling Down” depicts June, a small town girl, heading home to sort through the emotional loose ends she left behind a year ago after her father died.  Rebecca Weaver writes, directs, and stars in this award-winning and deeply personal character study film.  With a small ensemble cast and a crew of two, Weaver’s words and perspective will bring us all home again, to a place perhaps we all have a few loose ends to tie.

June has been traveling since her father passed away, but her best friend’s wedding is looming and she has no choice but to attend.  Filled with fear and remorse for things we are not yet privy to, June lands in her Midwestern hometown, feeling a sense of comfort with the view of corn fields, forests, and the lake.  But even within this environment, there is a feeling of loss, anger, and resentment.  As she reconnects with her old friends, confides in new ones, and lashes out at her mother, she must face that best friend, Harley (Nick Hoover) who, as any best friend would, confronts June, her decisions and the consequences thereof. 

“June Falling Down”  brings us all back to a time in our lives where we find ourselves at crossroads, but in this case, June’s tragedy in life pushes her into unfamiliar territory, a place we hope no young adult would have to experience.  Her emotions are honest as she roller coasters up and down, attempting to understand herself.  This is June’s journey, and it is one she must travel alone to find her individual answers and sense of resolution.

This is Weaver’s film debut and a remarkable one at that.  Her intuitive timing and dialogue paired with scenes capturing no dialogue at all, but eloquence in silence, elevates the film and the story.  Beautifully shot by her partner, Chris Irwin, who also created the outstanding soundtrack, the two bring life to a story that at times waxes and wanes, but always connects you.  Weaver is also responsible for editing this film which stood out artistically, allowing you inside her character’s heart and mind, and  creating a more complete and multidimensional character.

“June Falling Down” is Weaver’s first film, but it most certainly will not be her last.  Through life, she will have many more stories to tell and if “June” is an indication of her storytelling, she’ll be sharing many more meaningful tales in the future.

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